t:flip Leatherette Case

September 4, 2018 - Comment

This stylish leatherette case clips horizontally to your clothes and flips open to give you full access to your pump screen.

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This stylish clips horizontally to your clothes and flips open to give you full access to your screen.


Bill H says:

The hooks on the hook-&-loop closure can ruin your clothes. Love the flip-down function. Works just like my CGM case.Hate the hook-and-loop closure. The loop-side is a 3rd rate knock-off. On one of my cases the loops arrived so short the hooks had nothing to grab. Fixed that with a little patch of OEM loops and contact cement.Tandem has known about the hook-and-loop issue since at least August of 2016. That’s about the time that I notified them and…

Genna Kozelj says:

Don’t waste your money. The case doesn’t stay closed so the pump is flopping in the wind, and getting caught on everything. Have had multiple sites pulled out because the case gets caught and pulled off, which rips the site out. The Velcro is not strong enough and even when it’s cleaned multiple times a day, it still won’t hold. It would definitely be better to duct tape my pump to my body rather than spend that amount of money on this case.Edit: Ive had the case for 4 months and the clip has completely fallen…

SLYDoggie says:

Great design but awful execution I absolutely love the design of this case but, as others have said, the “hook & loop” (Velcro type) fastener patches are awful. They will not hold after a few days of wear. This is really annoying but easily fixable. In my case, I like the design of the case so much that I went to my local hardware store and bought some heavy duty Velcro which has an adhesive backing. You just tear off the loop side on the flap (not the hook side) and replace it with a similar size adhesive…

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