PracMedic Bags Lockable, Insulated, Travel Medicine Bag- Holds Epipens, Auvi-Q, Asthma Inhaler & Spacer or Diabetic Supplies, Your Personal Medicine Organizer- Grab and Go with T-MEDS Bag (Black)

June 9, 2019 - Comment

Are you looking for a Fashionable and Functional Medicine Bag that you could Grab and Go? T-MEDS Small Medicine Bag is designed to meet all those needs.PracMedic Bags T-MEDS Bag is a Lockable and Insulated medicine bag that is portable and compact in size yet holds a lot. ORGANIZATION- designed with 4 small mesh pockets

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Are you looking for a and Functional Medicine Bag that you could Grab and Go? T-MEDS Small Medicine Bag is designed to meet all those needs.
PracMedic Bags T-MEDS Bag is a and Insulated medicine bag that is portable and in size yet holds a lot.

ORGANIZATION- designed with 4 small mesh pockets to hold and organize small medical paraphernalia such as Auvi-Q, asthma inhaler, syringes, , nasal spray, eye drops, band aides, tablets. T-MEDS Medicine Bag also comes with 2 larger mesh pockets to hold Epipens or large syringe. There is ample room on the base of the bag to store your Epipens in their prescription box, or asthma chamber/spacer and mask, or large bottle of liquid Benadryl or Glucagon. You can also use T-MEDS Medicine Bag as your Asthma Bag or First Aid BagLOCKING BAG- comes with lockable zippers, so you have the option to attach your preferred TSA padlock to keep your T-MEDS Travel Medicine Bag safe from the inquisitive hands of kids. Hence, your T-MEDS Bag is child proof when locked but, not adult-proof as adults could cut through the fabric if needed be PROTECTION- well insulated with PE Foam all around the bag to ensure your med receives optimal protection and to keep it within proper temperature. T-MEDS Medicine Bag interior is lined with high-quality polyester 210T instead of cheaper aluminium foil, to keep your medicine safeCARRYING OPTIONS- the beauty of T-MEDS Medicine Bag is its Grab and Go handle strap for easy and quick access to your meds bag. You also have the option of slinging your T-MEDS Bag on your shoulder and the shoulder pad keeps it comfortable. Furthermore, the adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy for adults or children to carry it BONUS PILL CASE- comes with a bonus pill case for storing your vitamin or pills ICE CARD- back of the bag has an ID window to display your Emergency Contact INFO Card with a spot to attach your photo.

Product Features

  • ✔ FASHIONABLE- Look trendy with your T-MEDS Travel Medicine Bag, designed with aesthetic in mind
  • ✔ FUNCTIONAL- T-MEDS Medical Bag comes with small and large mesh pockets to organize your allergy or asthma medicine or diabetic supplies
  • ✔ LOCKABLE- Keep your medicine bag safe from kids, T-MEDS Bag has lockable zippers to attach your padlock
  • ✔ PROTECTION- Insulated all around with 5mm PE Foam to keep your medications within proper temperature
  • ✔ GRAB & GO your T-MEDS Bag with the handle strap or sling it on your shoulder with adjustable strap


Anonymous says:

Convenient bag for T1 Diabetic I have a 13 year old T1Diabetic. He goes through bags quite frequently because of the wear and tear of carrying around his supplies everyday. His last pack had a faulty zipper and the strap broke soon after he got it. This PracMedic bag is a little smaller than he usually wears, which he likes. It seems sturdy and holds his insulin pens, meter and test strips. So far, we are very pleased with this PracMedic Bag,

Anonymous says:

Almost perfect. I bought this for my son’s diabetic supplies. I like that it is very roomy, has lots of pockets, has shoulder strap and red cross on the surface. However it would be much better and lot more practical if some of the pockets had zipper closure, or at least velcro… Lancets, needles( for pen users) they don’t stay in the pockets and all over the place. Also bag is insulated, but there is no special pocket for ice pack, to keep insulin cold in a summer. We will use it, but I will be looking…

Anonymous says:

Worth the money if you need it My son and I both have asthma and we use two different spacers. This bag is perfect for that purpose. It’s truly really small, around the size of a pencil box (for students) but it’s great if you don’t wanna bring the huge diaper bag or if you want a special place for it to stay.Overall I recommend this small med bag for it’s purpose.

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