Insulin Life 25 Pack – Dexcom G5 Adhesive Patch – CGM Waterproof Patches – Kids Flower Shape

April 29, 2018 - Comment

FINALLY, A DEXCOM g4/g5 CGM PATCH THAT LASTS AND GOES WITH ANY OUTFIT! We know how frustrating a short-lasting patch can be.-For a long lasting Insulin Life patch, make sure the skin is free of lotions, perfumes and creams.-Once sensor is in place, remove the easy-peel backing and place your fun patch over the Dexcom.-For

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We know how frustrating a short-lasting patch can be.
-For a long lasting Insulin patch, make sure the skin is free of lotions, perfumes and creams.
-Once sensor is in place, remove the easy-peel backing and place your fun patch over the Dexcom.
-For best results, avoid getting the patch wet for one hour after application so it can fully adhere to skin.
-Our of 25 gives you more for your money! Each pack pink and purple flowers to spice up your Dexcom while sustaining the life of it.
-Leave your skin happy with our latex-oxide free and hypoallergenic patches.
-Our diabetic flower patches are breathable and flexible that move with your body to provide the best comfort out there.


Your time and energy is valuable.
-We offer a “No Questions Asked” 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy for any reason, we will give you a full refund.
-There is truly nothing to lose! Try our Dexcom patches for yourself.
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Product Features

  • Finally, a patch that stays on. While many other patches come off in a day, curl up, or don’t stand up to sweat and water, Insulin Life patches have been for maximum length of wear. Our patches were developed by parents of a Type 1 three year old. We did our homework to find the best tape on the market to handle all of your activities and to stay on the longest without irritating your skin.
  • Thoughtfully cut designs – we found that many of the other dexcom patches on the market that are cut into cute shapes used designs that produced small parts which would quickly curl. Our shapes are thougthfully designed to be fun and attractive, but are less likely to curl up due to small pieces. The center hole is the perfect size to protect your Dexcom.
  • Priced for families – Most resonable priced patches on the market use inferior quality tape. Insulin Life products do not cut corners. We know that Type 1 is a financial burden on your family and ours. We make products that are the highest possible quality at the best possible price.
  • Hypo Allergenic – Our toddler was diagnosed at 2.5 years old. We know all about the dreaded Dexcom rash. Our dexcom adhesive patches are the best on the market for reducing rashes in our toddler. We have tested them in the heat, while swimming, on a boat, for all of her activities….she’s rash free every time. Be sure to apply the patch to clean, oil free skin. Then, allow the patch to adhere for at least 30 minutes before getting it wet. This will maximize the length of the product.
  • Families First Guarantee – We are a family owned company. We know firsthand the added work and stress that Type 1 management adds to your life. Our company stands by our products. If you find that these patches aren’t right for you, just let us know and we will happily provide a full refund.


Elizabeth A. Pressler says:

Pleasantly surprised by how well it sticks! I really am impressed with how well this sticks! The only “extra” thing I did before slapping this on was to clean the entire area with an alcohol swab, just to make sure oils or products wouldn’t compromise the adhesion. It’s stayed perfectly, even in the shower. It hasn’t gotten itchy either, and I have pretty sensitive skin.I don’t actually wear a Dexcom, I wear Medtronic’s Guardian. I trimmed the inner cutout to fit it, which was pretty easy to do. I normally have to use…

Janice Darlene Ree says:

Best Product for people with senative skin!!! I have used Insulin Life/Dexcom Patches G4/G5…..This is the first time using any patches for the Dexcom. I am very excited about these patches. I was drawn to them because of the notes on senative. My skin is so senative, that I have such a hard time with any type of bandage adhesive. I have only use two of these so far and my skin has not broken down at all. I have to be real honest and one thing…..I am going on 62 and I love the flowers, but, I have cut the petals off of the first two and…

Namma says:

Excellent My grand daughter is 5 and loves these. She’d rather not have Type 1 diabetes altogether but if she has to have it she loves being fashionable. ☺️ I’ve purchased these a couple of times in different colors and shapes. Excellent product.

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