EPIPEN Case for Girls- Store 2 Epipens or Auvi-Q, Asthma Inhaler, Generic Benadryl, Nasal Spray, Eye Drops. Insulin Case for Kids- Store 2 Insulin Pens, Vials, Syringes, Medicine (Pink)

September 14, 2018 - Comment

SAMMIE Medicine Case is designed by an end user for end users in mind. Simply PRAGMATIC.STORAGE – pockets to store your EpiPens or Insulin Pens, Auvi-Q, Asthma Inhaler, Benadryl, Eye Drops, Nasal Spray, small tube of Cream, Syringes, Vials, and Ice Packs safely. Sammie Medicine Case may not be able to store all of the

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SAMMIE Medicine Case is designed by an end user for end users in mind. Simply PRAGMATIC.
STORAGE – pockets to store your EpiPens or Pens, Auvi-Q, Asthma Inhaler, Benadryl, Eye Drops, Nasal Spray, small tube of Cream, , , and Ice Packs safely. Sammie Medicine Case may not be able to store all of the listed medications at once.PREMIUM QUALITY & DURABLE – made with Love. External fabric is Top of the Range Polyester 1680D fabric + Reinforced YKK Zipper for added durability. Take it with you to the school, field trips, camps, travel, or simply put it to great use everyday!PROTECTION – the Medicine Case is insulated and padded with 5mm PE Foam & lining is made with quality Polyester 210T fabric which helps moderate its internal temperature. It is also Water Resistant to protect your medicine from unexpected wetness.OPTION – Ice Pack Pocket is lined with PEVA fabric. Ice Pack is NOT included with the case You need NOT use Ice Pack with EpiPens.VARIOUS CARRYING SOLUTIONS – you can hand carry it with the Hand Strap or Wristlet. Otherwise, use the durable Velcro Straps to attach the Medicine Case to your bag/backpack. Another option is to make use of the Carabiner to hook the Medicine Case to your bag, handbag, backpack. Or simply put it in your school bag or backpack. EXTRAS – comes complete with Emergency Info Card with room to write out your action plan & a guide on to How to Give EpiPen WARRANTY – 1 Year Limited Warranty included with registration. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – PracMedic Bags is confident you will enjoy and make the most of Sammie Medicine Case.
Note: For Insulin users, Sammie Medicine Case is only suitable for local use when used in conjunction with Ice Packs. Not suitable for long haul travel due to insufficient length of time required to keep the pens cool.

Product Features

  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Made with Love. You deserve a Durable, Reliable and Cute EpiPen Carrying Case for Girls. Rest assured, it is made with high quality materials to ensure you get the best value for your purchase.
  • PROTECTION – you have a peace of mind knowing Sammie Medicine Case is insulated to help moderate the internal temperature of its contents. However, it is not a cold storage pack unless it is used with Ice Pack(s). Any Ice Packs within the dimension of 7 in (L) x 3.15 in (W) should fit in the case.
  • PRAGMATIC – designed with Functionality in mind, so you can store your essential medication in one case and access them easily when you need them most. Suitable for Girls or Kids.
  • COMPACT & – it is your Reliable medical buddy as you take Sammie Medicine Case with you to school, camps, field trips, or holidays.
  • WELL ENGINEERED – we love details! Every aspect of Sammie Medicine Case is scrutinised during the engineering process to ensure you receive a quality product that serves your needs!


Katherine S. Capozzi says:

Awesome Case for Epipens! I recently purchased this case for my daughter who has life threatening allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame seeds. We live in AZ where it obviously gets very warm out. I liked that this case was insulated to help protect her epipens. The case is very well made, much more compact than my last case. We’re very happy with our purchase and will definitely order again when she outgrows the cute pink patterns.

TJB says:

a great way to stay organized This product is cute enough for my young daughter to think is ‘cool’ and also carries what I need. We have the Auvi-Q in there so I’m not sure what I’ll do with the epipen pockets yet as they are a strange size for anything but the epipen, but It’s nice that I have the option to store either one in there. And that it fits two! It’s also great that there’s a space to put a photo on the back of the pack so that the school knows whose it is.

Nadia says:

Just what we were looking for! The past few years we’ve had a hard time finding epi-pen cases at pharmacies/stores nearby. I was avoiding buying online because I wanted to make sure it was a quality product and had space for all the things we need to carry for my 2 food-allergic girls. We really love these cases! There was a variety of colors/patterns to choose from, they easily handle inhalers, epi-pens, eye drops, antihistamines, and these cases included handy allergy info/emergency contact cards for the case itself…

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