Easy Touch Bag of 20 1cc 29 1/2 inch 100 units

October 26, 2019 - Comment

ACS Pharma Bag of 20 1cc 29 1/2 inch 100 units Beware of Fraud non ACS Pharma Sellers! Product Features 0

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ACS Pharma Bag of 20 1cc 29 1/2 100 Beware of Fraud non ACS Pharma Sellers!

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Anonymous says:

Want to look at both sides of the coin read here Better than going to an embarrassing situation and buying these regardless of why you get them they are convenient and Quality you could see my other review on a different version for more insight into what I am referring to when I say that but I would purchase these again and I would do it out of the kindness of my heart again for somebody I don’t even know and/or for my neighbor who is an amputee and diabetic. It’s better they have good clean ones as far as drug users then to not have good…

Anonymous says:

these are NOT easy touch syringes these are NOT easy touch syringes. i order easy touch for a reason…they’re comfortable to use and the plunger doesn’t have a mind of its own. the first time i order i DID get easy touch, the second time i got these, so i thought hey, an oversight. but now this has happened two times in a row…and they arrived a week late too!! c’mon guys, advertise what you’re selling.

Anonymous says:

Wrong size and needles are not sharp at all. First, I ordered the 1cc and received .5cc. That’s not the biggest issue though. I’ve never had problems with insulin pins but for some reason, these do not penetrate well at all. Since I’ve been using insulin the needles usually slide right in with little to no effort. With these I’ll “poke”, which usually works with most needles, but these barely penetrate the skin. I end up having to slowly push the rest of the needle all the way in. I hate injections and this just makes the process so…

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