Brides and Their Boys

January 28, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Silly Show -Makes me laugh If all we had to worry about is getting the wedding dress of our dreams. totally out of our budget, with family drama, this is the show for you.. Like Say Yes To the Dress Atlanta much more. Monty and Lori are very enjoyable.

Anonymous says:

Always fun. I love these shows. I always get good tips on hair, dress and sometimes dinner settings. Plus it’s just fun to fantasize about my second wedding dress, to reaffirm our vows.

Anonymous says:

Why must I pay for the privilege of watching a program is so enjoyable? This is my “go to” program when I have had a bad day etc. I put my feet up for half an hour and relax.However, I object to paying for this. Why must you charge us?I will find another provider who will appreciate my regular custom.

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