Box of 20 1cc 28g 1/2 inch (Limited Edition)

February 13, 2020 - Comment

Box of 20 1cc 28g 1/2 inch

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Box of 20 1cc 28g 1/2


Anonymous says:

OK i guess Does the job I need, but they are a bit flimsy and the ink on the tube will remove if rubbed for any length of time. Good for 1 use and toss.

Anonymous says:

Bad syringes So far out of 6 syringes they have all been bent on the needle part and every time I poke myself in the stomach with my insulin it hurts and its bruising really bad with every stick. This is not normal. I’m very unhappy about this

Anonymous says:

Don’t buy They only push things out, you can draw anything up into it. I bought them to refill my CBD juul pods and it sucks

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