100/BX Syringe 1cc Luer Slip Tip Sterile

April 10, 2018 - Comment

100/BX Syringe 1cc Luer Slip Tip Sterile Product Features 100/BX Syringe 1cc Luer Slip Tip Sterile Related

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TMooreKajiwara says:

Quality dropped drastically since last purchases. DISAPPOINTED I just ordered two boxes of these, it’s my second time reordering them. This time, I actually received a much cheaper version than I had received the two times I ordered these before. The first two times I received a quality product and gave this five stars. I’m now changing it to two stars because the syringes they sent are extremely cheap. The plunger doesn’t even reach the end. So, since I use these for a small dose of medication, I’m not not going to receive my entire dose because it’ll be…

Trina says:

BEWARE: THESE SYRINGES ARE NOT SILICONE OIL FREE!!! BEWARE: THESE SYRINGES ARE NOT SILICONE OIL FREE!!!I’m really concerned that I already used one of these syringes. I feel I need to be able to just open the package and use the syringe without washing it. However, after I used one today (without washing) to feed my CKD kitty, I noticed that the end of one of the still-packaged syringes looked odd. It looked like there was black goo down in the tip. After examining it, I found that there is some type of oily substance down in the tip that…

Donica says:

These are a lifesaver for our family We bought these for my daughters zantac and they work great. We got sick of trying to clean syringes and having them stick or shoot fluid in her mouth when they come unstuck. It made much more sense for us to buy these and I am so glad we did. We use one a day, for two doses and do not have any problems. They are all individually wrapped and come apart easily. It is also very easy to see how much fluid is in them and the rubber keeps it very accurate. We will be buying these again when we run…

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